Ecospan -Our Expertise

Works Undertaken

Urban and Rural Schemes

  • Urban
    • Design and Estimation.
    • Urban Water Supply.
    • Urban Sewerage.
    • Urban Drainage
    • Water Harvesting.
  • Rural
    • Rural Water Supply.
    • Rural Sanitation including Waste Treatment & Disposal
    • Water Harvesting
  • Solar Wind Turbines
    • Solar Water Pumps
    • Aero—Solar Technologies
  • Housing and Development Works
    • Housing Design and Estimation, Development Works, including Water Supply, Sewerage, Drainage and On-site Sanitation works.
  • Mapping
    • Printing of Maps
    • Digitization of old maps.
  • Survey and Mapping - Total Station and GPS
    • Surveying and Leveling for Water Supply, Drainage,Sewerage,Housing Development Works by Total Station Method
  • Schedule and Analysis of Rates
    • Prepration of Schedule of rates based on Standard Analysis of Rates, with current rates of labour and material

Our Principal Consultant THAKUR DAS DARYANA has Provided Consultancy for some of the Projects listed below.

  1. Urban Services environmental rating system project, implemented by TERI, funded by UNDP.
  2. Water Quantity monitoring and Surveillance Project of Swajal, funded by World Bank with TERI.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities of Panchayat Raj Institutions and sector Institutions of Uttranchal, funded by World Bank with TERI.
  4. Sanitation and Hygiene project of World Bank with TERI.
  5. Study On Improved implementation of municipal and Solid Waste Management at Lucknow,funded by Govt. of India with TERI.
  6. Construction supervision of SwajalBatch(II) villages with ENV DAS (I) PVT LTD.
  7. A number of projects relating to water supply, sewerage and drainage for UP Jal Nigam.